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Launched in September of 2020, Giddy Friday is a lockdown baby created by me, Izzy - a 25 year old recent graduate, currently based in Cardiff.

After struggling for years to find good quality, long lasting silver jewellery on a student budget, I became sick of re-buying the same high street hoops every couple of months when they'd inevitably tarnish or break. I'd constantly come across websites that had an amazing selection of affordable gold jewellery but only a tiny collection of silver pieces. 

I understood the high demand for gold due to current trends, but I couldn't help but think... hold up, what about us silver lovers!?

It was time to take matters into my own hands. After LOTS of research, lots of testing and lots of nerves, I launched Giddy Friday!

Specialising in Sterling Silver jewellery that doesn't break the bank, Giddy Friday aims to provide you with the everyday staples you've been looking for, as well as fun trend pieces you can feel amazing in, both of which will last for years - causing less waste for you and our planet :)

We want our jewellery to make you feel like it's a Friday afternoon and you're about to be free for the weekend baby!

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