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Jewellery Care

All our jewellery is made from 925 Sterling Silver.

What exactly is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 Sterling Silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal alloy, usually Copper. By adding this 7.5% the silver is strengthened, making it significantly more durable than pure silver.


Pure silver is naturally very soft, making it difficult to shape and is therefore reserved for fine jewellery rather than everyday pieces - it is also very expensive due to its purity. Silver plated jewellery is a lot cheaper but loses it's thin coating over time to reveal the base metal underneath - often brass. It's therefore easy to see why Sterling Silver is our fave! It's long lasting, high quality and (hopefully now that we're on the scene) accessible and affordable! 

Will my jewellery tarnish?

Your jewellery will not tarnish immediately unlike a lot of high street jewellery. To properly care for your pieces and ensure they don't tarnish over time, we advise avoiding frequent contact with liquids and chemicals such as perfume, fake tan, lotions, chlorine, hairspray etc. If you do come into contact with any of these, simply clean your jewellery gently with warm soapy water and wipe dry with a silver polishing cloth (included in every order) - it should then be good as new!

Fun fact: wearing your jewellery frequently is actually the best way to prevent tarnishing! We promise we're not just saying this - the oils on your skin 'clean' the sterling silver every time you wear it!

How should I store my jewellery?

 To keep your Giddy Friday jewellery in the best condition possible, we recommend storing it out of direct sunlight - ideally in it's cute cotton bag! Alternatively, a jewellery box is always a great place to store your pieces.

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