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    The perfect way to showcase your unique star sign! Simply select the pendant of your choice and we'll pair it with our bestselling 18" Fine Curb Chain, for a dainty necklace with that extra special personal touch. 




    Aries - pair yours with our Stargirl Necklace because you're an absolute star who's not afraid to stand out! ✨

    Top 3 Qualities: Dynamic, Ambitious, Loving 

    Famous Aries Babe: Mariah Carey 


    Taurus - pair yours with our Curb Chain because you're a bad b*tch and ain't nobody telling us otherwise! 😤

    Top 3 Qualities: Honest, Stubborn, Supportive 

    Famous Taurus Babe: Adele


    Gemini - pair yours with our Lucky Pendant - you attract luck wherever you go and aren't afraid to share your fortune with those around you! 🍀

    Top 3 Qualities: Curious, Funny, Talented

    Famous Gemini Babe: Lauryn Hill 


    Cancer - pair yours with our Luna Huggies... because you're ruled by the moon duh!?🌛Top 3 Qualities: Maternal, Emotional, Creative 

    Famous Cancer Babe: Ariana Grande 


    Leo - pair yours with our Giddy Hoops or Disco Anklet - a Leo needs all the drama and all the options! 🦁

    Top 3 Qualities: Dramatic, Stylish, Loyal

    Famous Leo Babe: Kylie Jenner 


    Virgo - pair yours with our Croissant Ring - you're the queen of a simple & reliable statement piece! 🥐

    Top 3 Qualities: Independent, Responsible, Caring 

    Famous Virgo Babe: Beyoncé


    Libra - pair yours with our Thin Band Ring, for an understated, effortless look that is totally your vibe! 💍

    Top 3 Qualities: Peaceful, Indecisive, Free

    Famous Libra Babe: Kim Kardashian


    Scorpio - pair yours with our Snake Chain you lil spooky devil! 😈

    Top 3 Qualities: Sensitive, Intuitive, Competitive 

    Famous Scorpio Babe: Frank Ocean 


    Sagittarius - pair yours with our Stargirl Anklet - you're the opposite of basic and love to travel - anklets are a no brainer for you! 🌎

    Top 3 Qualities: Spontenous, Charming, Optimistic 

    Famous Sagittarius Babe: Britney Spears


    Capricorn - pair yours with our Chunky Band Ring - a strong statement for a strong minded, powerful individual! 👏🏼

    Top 3 Qualities: Strong, Reliable, Disciplined

    Famous Capricorn Babe: Michelle Obama


    Aquarius - pair yours with our Twisted Bangle for a unique piece that pefectly represents Aquarius as the symbol of the water bearer! 🌊

    Top 3 Qualities: Artistic, Unique, Innovative 

    Famous Aquarius Babe: Harry Styles


    Pisces - pair yours with our Baby Hoops because you're the lil baby of the zodiac, obvs!👼🏼

    Top 3 Qualities: Poetic, Dreamer, Gracious

    Famous Pisces Babe: Rihanna 


    100% Sterling Silver - sweat proof, water resistant and tarnish free!

    Chain: 18" Fine Curb Chain.

    Pendant Size: Approx 6x8mm (including loop), 1mm thickness.